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3250 Walnut St.

Leslie's Place in Chicago

Leslie Brown had few resources when she was released from an Illinois prison. She soon returned to prison to motivate and inspire other women with the message that it is possible to start over.

In 1994, she opened up her own home on Chicago's West Side and started Leslie's Place
to provide a home and support for women who, like her, were re-adjusting to society. She added a second location on Walnut Avenue and in mid-2019 consolidated Leslie's Place programs and services at the Walnut Street location.

Since it's founding, Leslie's Place has provided a safe home, clothing, training, counseling and support for more than 1,000 women.

Read what one woman wrote about her experience:  "I realize now living in two other sober homes, Leslie's Place was the best.  Not the building, not the neighborhood.  I have lived in two nicer houses in nicer neighborhoods.  But the care and programs.  AA meetings, bible study, church together on Sunday.   It was far better for keeping me safe."

And another resident wrote to Leslie:  "You inspire me to do the right things, to make the right choices, and decisions."

While more than half of ex-inmates in Illinois are re-incarcerated within three years after their release, 89 per cent of Leslie's Place residents never return to prison.

Their success is due in part to the programs, services and support that Leslie's Place provides. We deeply appreciate all of the support that we have received from our generous donors.

Donate online using Credit Card or Paypal (Donations are listed as Support Advocates for Women, the supporting organization for Leslie's Place).  No personal information is retained on this website:

Updated 11/4/2022